Club History

Our club was one of the first foot-orienteering clubs to be founded in the former Czechoslovakia. A group of volunteers and orienteering enthusiasts from Slavia SVST and Lokomotiva Bratislava decided to improve conditions for the development of their work and in 1966 they established a club of foot-orienteering as part of TJ Rapid Bratislava. The first head was Ing. Mojmír Šeliga. The results they achieved in the era demonstrate that there were the right conditions for top-performance training.

To illustrate:

  • 1966 Slovak Orienteering Championship of Czechoslovakia – Ľ. Šmelík 3rd place
  • 1968 Slovak Orienteering Championship – Ľ. Šmelík 1st place, O.Vigašová 1st place
  • 1969 Slovak Orienteering Championship – relay (Ľ. Šmelík, L. Hýbal, J.Jašek) 1st place
  • 1970 Slovak Cup – P. Sláma 1st place, Ľ. Šmelík 2nd place
  • 1970 Czechoslovakia Team Cup – TJ Rapid 6th place
  • 1971 Slovak Cup – Ľ. Šmelík 1st place, P. Sláma 2nd place

The foot-orienteering runners of TJ Rapid Bratislava were successful not only in the sport and in efficiency, but they also pioneered other fields of orienteering. In 1968 they initiated the establishment of the Slovak Foot-Orienteering Federation and Mojmír Šeliga – a rapidian became the head of the federation. The organization did not falter. The club organized a sports-stay in Sweden – ‘Mecca of foot-orienteering’. The idea of an international multi-day event came true, and in 1971 our club prepared the 1st Grand Prix Slovakia (GPS) on maps: Zurdok, Ravnica and Kamzík. In 1972, we organized also 3rd GPS on maps: Pekný les, Vetrov plac and Kamzík.

As a next traditional event was the 1st Spring Suitcase, which began in 1973 and have been organised annualy since. We have also organized several times the highest rating national competition – Czechoslovak Orienteering Championship in 1974 – classic and relay, in 1977 – long distance (map Červený kameň), in 1983 – long distance (map Lažetky 1,2,3), in 1985 – classical distance and relay (Maps Stánisko and Kačín).

From 1976 Viktor Vávra was leading the club of orienteering. Under his leadership, a new wave of talented children flew into the club and many of them stayed active in orienteering utill today. For example:

A. Autrata, brothers Petrincovci, A. Kĺučková, E.Pukalovičová, sisters Lukáškové, P. Sláma Jnr., and others.

In 1981 Soňa Váliková-Galádová became the head of club, but a next change followed shortly. In 1982 Dušan Formanko was elected into the leading position and he has remained in this function until the present day.

Activities of our club is really plentiful. We have a number of professional referees, organizers, trainers, professionals in cartography and officers. Many runners have grown up to the representation of one of the three republics – Czechoslovak socialist, Czechoslovak federal and Slovak – in our club:

Pavol Brunovský, Jaroslav Jašek, Juraj Petrinec, Miroslav Stržínek, Ľudovít Šmelík, Mikuláš Šabo, Oľga Vigašová, Hana Bajtošová.

Titles and winning positions in Championships and Cups have been earned also by other sportswomen and sportsmen:

J. Petrinec, L. Hrabinský, P. Sláma Jnr., M. Petrinec, J. Šmelík, M. Šabo, P. Sláma Snr., Ľ. Šmelík, I. Prieložná, A. Kľučková, Z. Briedová, H. Bajtošová, Z. Kátlovská, I. Kumová and many others.

The club has organized Slovak Championships actively and in a good quality:

  • 1982 Long distance (map Cerová dráha)
  • 1991 Long distance (map Čerťaž)
  • 1994 classical distance a relay (map Pukanec – Breziny)
  • 1996 short distance (map Snežienka)

… and Slovak Cups:

  • 1984 Slovak Cup – Individuals (map Tri duby)
  • 1988 Slovak Cup – relay (map Červený kameň)
  • 1990 Slovak Cup – Individuals (map Lindavský les)
  • 1997 Slovak Cup – Individuals and relays (map Snežienka)
  • 2000 Slovak Cup – Individuals (map Marianka)
  • 2001 Slovak Cup – Individuals (map Marianka)

Nowadays, we are the largest club in Slovakia in terms of the number of members – 65, and we are still able to provide good quality conditions for training and improvement of top-performance foot-orienteering.